PhoneGap Development

PhoneGap is now the next mobile app development framework for the business owners who look forward to cost-effective mobile app solutions. This framework allows developers a great deal of options to inculcate innovativeness in the app with no complexity at all.

OM-IT Solutions, pioneer in PhoneGap development has experience in instilling the client's idea into a PhoneGap app and making it a top-rated app in the market. The true essence of our services exists in building income-generating apps with reasonable investment.

Why PhoneGap Technology?

PhoneGap App Development is the best option as it can let the customers get their app idea developed with no complexities. It supports development for various operating systems which range from Google Android, to Apple IOS, from Microsoft Windows Phone to RIM Blackberry or Nokia Symbian OS, LG Web OS or Tizen etc.

Why OMIT Solutions for PhoneGap Development Services?

  • Collaborate closely to achieve the goal you have in your mind.
  • Support 24 /7 (always by your side for support services anytime you require).
  • Provide solutions instantaneously at any time and with no delay.
  • Well-versed in technology (upgrade our skills through continuous learning).
  • Work as per your project, your requirements.

Our Methodology:

Our PhoneGap app developmental process is simple in its execution. Our team works on your idea right after getting inputs or guidelines from you. Our team always focuses more on how better your app-idea can be developed or enhanced by adding elemental beauty in its framework or structure or functionality. Our developers put to use their expertise in PhoneGap technology to the level of proficiency and bring about the kind of app which you are in quest of.

Apps We Develop

We develop apps for any industry you belong to. Contact us for wonderful PhoneGap applications if you belong to any industries such as:

  • Entertainment.
  • Sports.
  • Health and insurance.
  • Business and finance.
  • Travel and hotel.
  • Travel and hotel.
  • IT field etc.

Our PhoneGap developers are professional software app developers who have experience in coding or programming in any language you require.

  • Our team members have artistic proficiency in JavaScript, HTML 5 CSS technology etc.
  • We focus on all your PhoneGap requirements and let you receive the best PhoneGap app.
  • Get your work done from experts in Apache Cordova or other co-related PhoneGap development technologies.

Just get in touch with us for your customized PhoneGap solutions or hybrid app solutions.

Our Portfolio

  • 1Malaysia
  • Royal Banking
  • Petrosa Energy
  • Pacific Ventures
  • GoodGrocer
  • SouthWales Fire
  • Arthur Mackenzy
  • Job Street
  • 1Malaysia
  • 1Malaysia
  • 1Malaysia
  • 1Malaysia